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Digital Feeding

Shorter time-to-market, higher reliability and better planning with simulation & AI. 100% reproducible.

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Cloud Is the new shop floor

We use software and artificial intelligence to simulate, plan, 3D-design and commission your feeding system. This enables us to generate a full digital twin of your system on PC and thus to completely design and simulate it in the cloud. The project starts way before we hold your workpiece in our hands!

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With geometric deep learning, we cover empirical knowledge from 50,000 feeding projects in AI.



We develop your feeding system completely digitally and start without any sample parts.



Collect data of your feeding system, monitor the condition and avoid unplanned failures.



SpeeD up Time to market

Reliability and time savings through simulation. Balancing, adjusting leaf springs, optimizing the sorting section. Every conventional process step is completed with just a few clicks in the digital world. This means that we know in advance what the solution will look like and whether your workpiece can be fed. The expert knowledge of the entire RNA group flows into our AI and helps to find the perfect solution.

Our Services

Digital technologies are changing the way we sell, develop and commission machines. As RNA Digital Solutions, we are revolutionizing feeding technology, a central element of automated production for almost every manufacturing company.

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Our services are divided into four business units: turnkey feeding systems, components & driving units, simulation software and consulting.

Turnkey Feeding

We develop the optimal feeding system for your feeding task. We use our digital technologies to build 100% reproducible systems with high operational reliability for you - whether high performance, high flexibility or even both.

Driving Units

All driving units that you purchase from us are completely digitized. This means that the physics can be precisely simulated. Adjust your driving unit with just a few clicks in the cloud and increase the reliability of your feeding application.*


On our website we offer customers access to our AI. The use of AI is free for all and helps with real-time statements on feasibility, feeding performance and much more. The use of simulation, which is linked to the use of our driving unit program, is possible in connection with special applications.


Use our know-how in the field of geometric deep learning to transfer your expert knowledge into your very own AI. Call us if you have failure-prone feeding processes on your shop floor. With our analysis tools, we find the cause and eliminate the source of error effectively.

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About us

RNA Digital Solutions GmbH is a Munich-based start-up founded in 2016 and has been part of the RNA Group since the end of 2020 ( By combining more than 50 years of experience in feeding technology from the market leader RNA and the software and AI technology from RNA Digital Solutions, expert knowledge can be digitized and outperforming solutions can be found rapidly. We are revolutionizing the market for feeding technology with cloud simulation and geometric deep learning.

Feeding technology is omnipresent in today's production, regardless of whether it is electric cars, toys, cosmetics, medicine and much more. Feeding systems are the most important enabler of automated production. At RNA Digital Solutions every single team member contributes to the company's success.


We offer permanent positions and internships. Our international team consists of mechanical engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians. We keep the recruiting process lean. If we like the skills in your CV, first step is a 15-min Teams interview and second is a personal skills interview. The simple four-eyes principle of the specialist department and human resources department applies here.

Our motto is simple: "Pioneering by digital excellence."

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Cloud Simulation


Software development JavaScript/PHP cloud simulation (m/w/d)






4 - 6 month


850 EUR/mon


+200 EUR/mon housing benefit

AI Plattform


Software development JavaScript/PHP AI plattform (m/w/d)